We fly over the works of masonry, which will be entrusted to specialized company


For that we had three choices, by fan coil, by heaters, by under floor heating;

It’s been chosen the heating floor; first of all in the design has been thought to build the walls and roof insulated as calculated to save energy;


Must be studied following the decoration arrangement giving the right light every where and connecting with domotica system;

given the complexity of the electrical system, this will be equipped with a main electrical board and a zone frame on each floor;

each electrical equipment will be connected to the earthling system


lighting system heart of the home must to be designed and realized following the needs of each room brightness and connected to a modern system of home automation;

First of all it need identify the destinations of each room, provide to have the right lighting and choose the lighting fixtures in keeping with the decoration; therefore we have two alternative, consult the market calling the best firms like “L’Originale”,  Laudarte etc., and customize the fixture and detail according to the decoration taste of the house;

Fittings Used

Laudarte Firm

PC Screen Cover Custom made

Murano Chandelier

“L’Originale” Chandelier


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