Complex detail:

Plot sqm 50000, Covered Area sqm 25000

The complex was built in the centre of the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and was designed by the Studio Valle of Rome with our small contribution relative to the part of our expertise; contracted by the Principal in charge to many Italian firms of which we too have been part of; at that time the Italian taste it was highly sought so much so that, to retrieve a large chandelier destined to the main building, a Boing 747 moved from Jeddah landing in Venice (Murano) got the goods and went back;

Inside the complex we find the main palace inhabited by the Prince, a palace dedicated to the sister Princess, the Mosque, amusement park with swimming pool and several others utilities; we been involved in all external wooden parts (musharabia), of which we had dedicated to performing the survey, the purchase of the wood (mahogany) necessary, executive design, execution and installation by our exclusive carpenter.