House detail:

Covered area sqm 2100

Our responsibility:

Operating in Kuwait called by H. E. Sheihkh Prnce Al Saba Kuwait Prime Minister, had a meeting with him on the object of building a new wing of the Shab Palace; the new wing was intended to his sun Saad;

My duty it was, determined the destination of each room, execute an architectural executive project to give as soon is possible to the contractor and in the same time make up a decoration project to give to the palace a regal imprint and a highest level for the highest level Dignitary;

So we projected an entrance very high class in morocco style, a family and formal salon in morocco style, a dining room and smoking room in french stile, formal french style guest salon, a study office in empire style plus an arabic style tent built inside the palace;

The project  included colours perspectives in every room plus construction details